Ozark Rods has a jigging pole that has you covered. WE NOW GIVE YOU A CHOICE when it comes to vertical jigging poles. Our wide line up of jigging poles covers you in every situation that you may be faced with on the water.

In order from lightest to strongest we offer the — Pro Series Ultra Light — Pro Series Jigging pole Med. Backbone/ Lite Tip — Pro Series Grey — Brush Buster Jigging Poles. These different jigging model models come in different lengths that can be found below.

Pro Series Grey–
“The Pro Series is light, The Perfect amount of stiffness with backbone to lift huge crappie into my boat. My daily rod. My go to rod.”

Pro Series Jigging Pole Med. Backbone/ Lite Tip–
“This rod is defined by sensitivity. Bite after bite you won’t miss any regardless of how lite the bite is’

“The lightest crappie pole I have ever picked up. And that was an 11 footer.”

Brush Buster Jigging Pole–
“Strong as a mule, yet sensitive and light enough to feel the lightest bites”

“If a crappie is a hammer then this is the sledgehammer. Always gets the job done”

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