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On The Hook

On The Hook is a family friendly destination show starring, husband and wife, Jeremy & Brittany Mattingly. This dynamic duo explores America’s lakes and communities bringing viewers the best places to fish, eat and explore.

With the concept of the show catered to the needs of the presenting tourism sponsor, On The Hook, is the perfect vehicle to share your community and all its wonderful attributes with the 50 million anglers in the USA.

Ozark Throwdown

Introducing the Ozark Throwdown, a revolutionary opportunity blending competitive sport fishing with tourism and digital content creation.

Our service provides a unique platform for anglers across all skill levels to challenge one another in a spirited Throwdown while generating compelling content for sponsors and tourism bureaus.

Each event is not just a competition; it’s a full-blown spectacle broadcasted live, maximizing exposure and creating a buzz that extends beyond the shores of your lake.

Ozark Shootout

The Ozark Shootout offers a unique platform for tourism sponsors to connect with the vibrant and growing crappie fishing community while creating an unforgettable experience for one lucky angler.

The Shootout invites amateur anglers to pit their skills against professional crappie fishing legends in a series of events that balance competitive spirit with educational and thrilling outdoor adventure.

Amateur anglers are selected through a random. A targeted marketing effort for the tourism sponsor and the production to build email lists and reach new audiences.

Ozark Big Fish Battle

Ozark Outdoors invites you to be a part of the adrenaline-pumping Ozark Big Fish Battle.

A competitive fishing event designed to draw anglers from across the nation to compete on your lakes.

These unparalleled one or two day events beckon anglers of every age to indulge in their passion, experience the thrill of competition, and potentially bag cash and product prizes.

Our Big Fish tournament is no ordinary event; anglers will engage in a series of hour-long sessions, with each angler striving to catch the heftiest fish during that window.

This format not only maintains a high level of excitement throughout the day but is also gives participants numerous opportunities to win.

Ozark Crappie Grand Prix

The pinnacle of competitive crappie fishing, the Crappie Grand Prix features 10 Sponsored Teams,

consisting of anglers who represent the best in sportsmanship and skill.

Each sponsored team is made up of 2 Angling Teams consisting of 2 Expert Anglers.

This Competitive Format includes 1 Day of Practice followed by 2 Days of Tense Tournament Action

with a cumulative weight over two tournament days determining the standing.

Anglers test their selectivity and strategy with a 7 fish limit that challenges you to bag the biggest crappies.

The season-long structure is a series of 10 monthly events, interspersed with a 2-month winter break,

keeping the competitive spirit alive year-round.

Anglers aim for the pinnacle of prestige vying for the Team Points Champions and Angler Points Champions titles.

Distribution Stats

Reach on Facebook 2023

3.55 Million

Reach on YouTube Last 365 Days

4.69 Million

TikTok reach over Last 60 Days

1.7 Million

Pursuit Channel reach YTD

0.5 Million

Content Creation

  • Full Live Production and Distribution
    • Ozark Outdoors & Partner Channels
  • Post Production Long Form
    • Facebook & Youtube
  • Post Production Short Form
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • YouTube Shorts
    • TikTok
  • Content Creation and Publishing up to 52 Weeks a Year

Ozark Outdoors Sports Show

Add-on a Ozark Outdoors Sports Show to

Ozark Big Fish Battle & Ozark Crappie Grand Prix events to elevate the impact and visibility of your area.

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