Crappie Masters

Ozark and Crappie Masters

Published Oct 30th, 2019

Ozark Rods and Crappie Masters are proud to announce an agreement to expand Ozark Rods sponsorship and relationship. Some of Ozark Rods new ventures will include Crappie Masters TV, along with a boat wrap sponsorship featuring former Crappie Masters National Champions Alan Carter and Tony Shepherd. Other Ozark Rods teams you’ll see this year include […]

David Cox and Steve Hockett

David Cox Q & A

Published Sep 19th, 2019

I am truly honored to be a pro representing Ozark Rods. Steve Hockett and I got our start in tournament fishing at a crappie tournament on Truman Lake in April of 1996. It took until April of 1997, a year later, before we won our first tournament. In 2005, Steve and I started fishing all […]