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About Us

Ozark Rod Company is a twelve-year-old company that was purchased by the Venturi Group three years ago.  We inherited some of the finest designed Crappie Rods made.  It has been our goal to expand the marketing and branding to bring national attention to the superior line of Crappie Fishing Rods.  Product design and development is an ongoing effort as technology and demand is constantly changing.  Ozark has updated or expanded its line by fourteen new rods.  In addition to rod design, Ozark has added several additional Pro Staff.  The addition of this group has a two-fold purpose.  The first is visually to gain nation wide attention.  The second is the consent input and feed back on product development.  When you have some of the best in the business constantly critiquing you products, you are in a position to take advantage of knowledge and experience to keep on the leading edge of product design. 


Designed * Tested * Proven by Winning Tournament Fishermen!


Ozark Rods were developed out of the need tp have the highest quality and most efficient crappie rod. designed so that it can be used by both professionals and everyday fishermen. We have designed and tested each of our rods to achieve the best rod on the market when it comes to crappie fishing and cat fishing.  It has been a journey over the years finding the best combination of features and we have thrown out as many as we have developed . We knew the best road to success was to develop prototypes and let the experts tear them apart and that is exactly what t we did. Our line of rods will continue to expand with new features and designs each year.  We are also committed to the sport of crappie fishing and its growing fast .  Ozark Rods wants to  to be the resource to help people learn and understand different techniques used for crappie fishing . We are proud to be a major sponsor of crappie master television and honored to host a crappie master qualifying tournament in Southern Illinois each year.We also provide a blog on our site for you to ask questions of our pros.