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Pro Staff

David Cox & Steve Hockett


I am truly honored to be a pro representing Ozark Rods


Steve Hockett and I got our start at the tournament life in April of 1996 fishing a crappie tournament  on Truman lake.   It took us a year before we won We won our first tournament in April of 1997. Until 2005 we only fished tournaments in the spring on Truman. I fished a few summer tournament with my dad or another friend. In 2005 we started fishing all the crappie tournaments on Truman. Over the last twenty years of crappie tournament fishing on Truman I have won over 50 tournaments on Truman with Steve and other partners.


The first time I fished Grenada was Crappiemasters Classic in 2004.  I fished Grenada classic in 2007 and 2009 with Tim Logon getting 9th in 09. Steve and I got 8th in classic on Grenada in 2013. Steve and I fished Grenada in the spring for the first time in 2011 getting 28th and that the only time we have been out of top five in t he spring. Getting third in 2012 fifth in 2013 first in 2014 with the largest 14 fish weight in a tournament 38.92 pounds. Got second in 2015 and first in 2016. 2015 was the first year Steve and I fished d on other lakes besides Truman of Grenada getting 9th in Crappiemasters points race. I have won seven Crappiemaster tournaments on Truman, Grenada and Eufaula.


In 2016 we are leading Crappiemasters points race by two points with two tournaments to go. Being a crappie tournament angler I do everything to the extreme whether it be spider rigging or fishing with one pole. The product I use is what works for me and will take the abuse I dish out which the Ozark Rods products are the Rods I typically use . I'm a odd duck when it comes to fishing if I can't find what I want I will modify to make it work  for me.         


David Cox